Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Previous Administration"

I am so tired of hearing Geithner and Gibbs and the Obamassiah himself blaming the current problems they face on the previous administration. "We inherited this crisis" is all I hear. Yes, it's true that the economy was on its way downward, but it surely was not at the low level it's at now. We can thank Obama's big mouth for that (don't worry Rev. Wright - that's not a racial slur), because every time he addresses the people, the DOW drops more and more. That's because in reality, no one has faith in him or his socialist policies. The big $timulus package has saved about 25 jobs so far - fabulous. Glad we're making progress here. The scare tactics worked, and they know it worked, so they're going to continue to use them. 

When questioned about the current pork package, the answer is, "It's unfinished business from the previous administration." Okay, if it's from the previous administration, why even bother? Obama's been undoing everything the previous administration put in place anyways, so what makes this bill any different? Just veto it! And what's even more interesting is that the Democrats controlled Congress during the last administration! Funny how everyone who finds it convenient to forget that, forgets it.

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Pamela D. Hart said...

I'm tired of hearing how Obama inherited this recession and that this omnibus bill is from Bush. It's his bill NOW. He's the President NOW. Obama promised transparency, but everything is hidden behind closed doors. He promised no earmarks, now we're getting the whole damn pig. He promised change and we are going from Capitalism to Socialism. He has thieves and tax cheats in his administration but wants the American people to be honest and pay MORE taxes. I'm tired of the double standards and lies.