Monday, March 2, 2009

Funny and Sad.

I mentioned yesterday that the global warming protestors were going to face a snow storm. And I find it absolutely hilarious that Nancy Pelosi got snowed out of appearing at the global warming rally! It's absurd that people are so obsessed with global warming when the signs pointing to just the opposite are, well, falling on them. Global warming is a made up science and people are treating it like it's the be all to end all.
And the people in the picture? I wonder how many trees they killed for those posters; and the hats look like plastic. Tisk tisk.

Apparently, the Obamas have been hosting all these awesome party-ish events! I'm glad they don't have to feel the pressures of this recession. "Some Obama guests say he immediately puts them at ease. He indulges them and serves cookies, too." Cookies?! Really?! Wow! Do they come with keys to new houses? Or big stimulus checks? 

This next blurb absolutely disgusts me. It looks like now you can pick your baby's genes. If you want a little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, you got it! I think this is just really sad. You should be grateful for whatever God blesses you with. What's worse is that I read in a related article that there's also "negative enhancement." Say the two parents are deaf; they can choose to have their child be deaf so as to share in the culture of their parents. What?! WHY would you want your child to be deaf? If I had any disabilities, I would never want my child to. I would want my child to be healthy, happy, and able to do everything I couldn't. The article also mentioned "sav
ior siblings," or a child who is genetically engineered with the right genes so that cells can be harvested for its sibling with a disease. The book My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult is about this; it was an excellent book showing what the "savior sibling" has to go through. Every time her sister's in the hospital, she has to go too. It's as if she has leukemia as well. I am so completely against this.

Hillary Clinton has asked Israel to help Palestinians create a viable state for themselves. She bashes Israel and then asks them to help her dear Palestine? Give me a break.

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Funny, I just blogged on Going Green myslef. Great job on this one.