Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Global Warming --> Climate Change

I picked up on this lately, and I find it very, very interesting.

"The ice caps are melting!" "Carbon emissions are heating the earth to record temperatures!" "If we don't do something about global warming now, sea levels will rise 20 feet!"

That's been the mantra ever since Al Gore came out with An Inconvenient Truth (more like, A Convenient Lie). It's been global warming this and global warming that. But now, I've been hearing "climate change." Now, what exactly is climate change? The term, when used by liberals and environmentalists, is being used now to cover their behinds because somehow, despite all this "global warming," the ice caps are growing, record winter temperatures are being recorded, and Nancy Pelosi got snowed out from making an appearance at the global warming protest.

But there's a problem with this term "climate change." It has no specificity concerning how the climate might change. It could get colder - if it does, Al Gore will be able to say he talked about "climate change." (Even though I don't think he'd be able to get out of all his lies that easily - especially since people like me, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and other top-notch conservatives will endlessly berate him.)

I'm not saying that when there's information saying that earth's overall temperature is rising, it's false. I'm saying that "climate change" isn't caused by humans. It's natural. And I'm tired of Gore and his followers expecting me to drastically change my lifestyle because of natural occurrences that are out of my hands, especially when the God of Global Warming himself is hypocritical and has done nothing to change his lifestyle.

And here's my absolute favorite fact about carbon dioxide in the atmosphere:
CO2 contributes only 3% to the total greenhouse effect, and the manmade CO2 contribution to this effect may be about .05 to .25%. 

There are other greenhouse gasses that have a much higher concentration in the atmosphere, but those couldn't possibly contribute to earth's temperature. How silly of me to even suggest that. 

Check out this report called "The Ice Age is Coming! Solar Cycles, Not CO2, Determine Climate."


Anonymous said...

A recent report by economist Nicholas Stern put the effects of climate change into hard monetary terms. The outcomes of the report were an eye opening indication of what the cost to the environment could be if we act now or what will happen if we don’t change out ways.Understanding how environmental costs equate to what we’ll have to pay as a nation, and as individuals, helps demonstrate the need for changing our lifestyles even more strongly.
According to the Stern Review: “The scientific evidence is now overwhelming: climate change presents very serious global risks, and it demands an urgent global response.” The report calls for action to tackle climate change now rather than later. In particular, a rise in global temperatures, melting glaciers, flooding, extreme weather and extinction were cited as among the principle effects of climate change. Stern argues that if we don’t reduce carbon emissions, there is a 75% possibility of temperatures rising over the next 50 years by two to three degrees and a 50% chance of an increase of five degrees. That might not sound like much, but the effects on the world ecosystem could be devastating.
By the way, for your reading interested in funding for climate change ideas. Check out Four winners will receive $200,000 each to pursure their ‘Changing Climate Change’ idea. This initiative is being run by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters..

Obama Nation said...

I appreciate the response, but something tells me an economist doesn't really have the best background to provide insight to climate change.
And I feel like you didn't take in anything that I mentioned in my post, namely:
-The ice caps have been growing.
-Record winter temperatures have been recorded.
-CO2 makes up only a small part of the atmosphere - there are other greenhouse gases in much higher concentration that have nothing to do with us.

If climate change is natural, how are we supposed to fight nature?

Bhuvan Chand said...

nice article. I have also a blog on climate change.