Saturday, February 20, 2010

Health Care Not Dead Yet

In the wake of significant losses in Virgina, New Jersey, and most recently, Massachusetts, (and not to mention plummeting approval ratings), the Obama White House is desperate to get health care legislation passed before the task proves truly impossible. President Obama is to reveal his plan Sunday or Monday, which would most likely be voted on as a "privileged budget reconciliation bill," which only needs 51 votes instead of 60.

Unbelievable. More than half the country doesn't think he deserves a second term, the economy isn't really improving (and if it is, it's most likely going to lead to a double-dip), we still have our troops fighting on two fronts, we're facing issues with our foreign relations, our debt is monstrous, and he wants to ram through a bill that most Americans don't want? Good job, Mr. President.

Maybe I'm just too stupid to really understand what's going on.

[Speaking of that, how is it that Americans were smart enough to elect the Great One but too stupid to understand the issues? How does that work?]

Friday, January 8, 2010

Going to JFK on Sunday...and so much for global warming!

This won't be much of a post.

Well I haven't done any new posts since November because the semester was winding down and because I was too busy writing a research proposal...okay, I got lazy. =]

Opened up Drudge today and of course there's the huge picture of Janet Napolitano (yikes) and a body scanner image, serving as a reminder of my upcoming trip: January 10th I'm leaving for Ireland for three months for study abroad.

I've never been on a plane before so I'm nervous about that, but of course there was that security breach disaster on Christmas that's adding to my nerves. So here I am asking for prayers =)

In political news...
I am thoroughly enjoying the abnormally cold weather taking every opportunity I get to say "How about this global warming?" to my liberal friends. Of course, the really insane ones think it's cold because of global warming. It's always the same old song and dance from these people.

And of course, I'm just as frustrated and irritated as the rest of you over the health care reform...

I'll definitely be following everything from the across the pond. Keep up the good fight.