Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama - Alexander the Great?

Archbishop Demetrios, head of the Greek Orthodox Church in the U.S., compared Obama to Alexander the Great, saying,

"Following the brilliant example of Alexander the will be able to cut the Gordian knot of these unresolved issues." 

Obama added, "I will tell Michelle I have been compared to Alexander the Great. I will see if that gets me a little more respect. She's still the boss."

If being compared to Jesus Christ didn't work Barry, I don't think Alex is going to either.


Anonymous said...

He's a muslim what does he care about Jesus Christ, Alexander the Great and the Greek Orthodox. He reminds me of a mexican general, pin more ribbons on his lapel and see if he gets more respect. Add this pin to the barfbag.

Anonymous said...

Jealousy, insecurity, and ignorance/racial hatred. Is a terrible thing to hold on too...isn't it!

Anonymous said...

I would compare Obama to Mussolini. But not Alexander The Great

Anonymous said...

If Michelle is boss does that make her Lucifer?

Obama Nation said...

M that's hilarious