Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama's Message to Iran

In a fruitless attempt to revive a strained relationship, Obama has sent a video message to Iran, coinciding with the Iranian holiday of Norwuz, which marks the arrival of spring and a new year (I'm assuming the president is trying to say that Iran and the U.S. can start anew.) He added that nothing can be accomplished if Iran does not tone down its combative threats. After receiving the message, Iranian President Ahmadinejad's press advidsor said, "Minor changes will not end differences [between Iran and Washington]," and Iranian officials have said that the U.S. needs to stop accusing Iran of seeking to build nuclear weapons and funding terrorism. [Iran does fund terrorism! Who do they think they're fooling? Sit down, Hillary.]

Apparently, the U.S.'s "hostile policy" toward Iran is to be blamed for the tense relationship. Our hostile policy? Have we been threatening the world? Have we been funding terrorism? No.
Iranians will "never forget" the U.S.'s backing of Saddam Hussein during Iraq's war with Iran in the '80s [but didn't we just overthrow his dictatorship?], or the downing of an Iranian airliner in 1988 by a U.S. naval ship [okay, we made a mistake and should have apologized]. Well you know what? We will never forget the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979.

It seems as if Obama has good intentions, but he's clearly an idiot with zero foreign policy experience. It bothers me that he shows more respect for these terrorist-funding, America-hating cretins than he does for the British PM and disabled Americans.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog and your bigoted,racist, pea brained comment.

Anonymous said...

would you have rather he told them that he was going to bomb them if they didn't do as he said?
Or sang Bomb, Bomb, Iran like McSane did.

Obama Nation said...

I wasn't the one who called you a bigot, racist, or myopic pea brain - that was Heli gunner Tom.

And obviously I would rather he tell them he was going to bomb them!

I would prefer he didn't bend over backwards for them. He acts like they actually have power and control over us. Hell no they do not! If Iran ever actually attacked us, they'd be done.