Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Local Liberal Media Bias for You, but also some Good News!

I usually bring my iPod to work, but I forgot it so I had to listen to the radio this morning. They did the news maybe five times, and three of those times the Cambridge incident and the president's health care address were mentioned. I was so irritated that the woman reading the news said things like, "He showed his ID, he was in his own house, and they arrested him anyways." It's people like that that vote, people who don't know all the facts and still weigh in on the issue. And then she says, "People are still tuning in to watch the president speak, because 24.7 million watched him talk the other night." She conveniently forgot to mention that his ratings have been going down, and down, and down....

The good news is that Harry Reid announced that the Senate will not be voting on QAHCAA until the fall! What an excellent setback for Obama.

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Euripides said...

Ratings going down and a postponement of the nationalized healthcare bill - that is good news.