Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Obama: Time to Get This Done

Obama is urging that it's time to get health care reform done. In fact, he wants it done before Congress goes on its August recess.

Could someone explain to me why Obama and company think it's a good idea to push through substandard, shoddy health care reform when something much less complicated, the stimulus package (which could have been even LESS complicated if they just cut taxes), was also pushed through in a matter of weeks and has proven to be a fiasco? And why no one else seems to be asking this question?

Also, why in the world do we have unqualified people making crucial decisions? Obama, Pelosi, Fwank, Reid, and the rest of the lot aren't doctors or insurance providers, nor do they comprehend the term "private sector." Obama has never held a job in a private company or small business. He has never practiced medicine or fought in a war. Yet he acts as if he knows it all, and he's doing a damn good job fooling a lot of people.

How about government reform? I want it to be reformed into the government our brilliant forefathers intended it to be (who didn't draft up a constitution in three weeks (granted, it took the Articles of Confederation to lead to the Constitution)). No more American royalty (Obamas and Pelosi come to mind here); no more infringement of rights (according to some, the 2nd Amendment doesn't apply to states??); no more spending of tax dollars on bailouts, shopping trips to London, unnecessary military planes for elected officials (*cough* Pelosi *cough*), and a host of other absurdities.

But something tells me that anyone who runs on a platform for government reform would not be elected and would be forever ruined by state-run media....

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RKL said...

It's all about power and control. They don't really care if it works, actually if it fails then they or they friends get to fix it, e.g. Barney Frank.

The media is biased and isn't capable of critical examination of anything that Politicians do. So they just lie their way into office and work on getting more power and control.