Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Favor Needed

I haven't updated lately but I do need a favor :)

I've entered a contest and need as many votes as I can get. It's for a $1000 scholarship.

And if you're feeling particularly awesome, you could bookmark the link and vote every single day until August 12 (because apparently you can vote every 8 hours?).

Thanks so much!

On another note, I briefly watched the Michael Jackson memorial ("briefly" being the key word here) and not 2 minutes after I put it on did Al Sharpton come on and rant about how MJ brought all the races together and made everyone feel comfortable enough to vote for a black president. Yeah....I'm sure Michael Jackson was the reason Obama won and it didn't have anything to do with ACORN, people voting for him simply because he was black, or the fact that the MSM was in bed with him throughtout the election process.

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USA_Admiral said...

I will help you out!