Wednesday, July 29, 2009

100+ Iranians Dead

Since the election, over 100 Iranian protesters have died at the hand of controlling Islamo-fascist mullahs. They have been shot, and they have been beaten to death. Prisoners have had their fingernails ripped off and have been forced to lick filthy toilet bowls. This is all because the Iranians demand freedom - the freedom to legitimately choose their leader. Where is the outcry?


Dr. Dave said...

It's being withheld pending further agreement between Ahneedanewjob and Obugger on just who gets to throw out the first pitch at next year's MLB All-Star game. My $ is on Aneedanewjob, since I'm pretty sure he's got a willie, while I believe Mocbacca makes Presbo leave his at home when he travels 2 feet from the White House.

Obama Nation said...

LOL @ Ahneedanewjob

Bungalow Bill said...

This blood is on the hands of Obama. He failed in his opportunity to find true greatness.