Saturday, July 25, 2009


Instead of Quality, Affordable Health Coverage for All Americans, the health care reform bill is now America's Affordable Health Choices Act. Thank goodness, because if it actually passes, I would rather have the acronym that doesn't prove to the world that we really are stupid.


Thank you to Old NFO at Nobody Asked Me... because he provided the link in his most recent post to the actual AAHCA bill. I've been searching for it online for ages...maybe it wasn't put up until now, but anyways, glad I finally have it.


On a Facebook poll about universal health care:
358,201 voted NO (74.7%)
104,794 voted YES (21.8%)
16,724 voted MAYBE (3.5%)

This gives me some hope because a lot of Facebook users are young adults, who tend to be liberal. Also, with a poll with that many participants, I feel like it gives an accurate projection of the rest of Americans' sentiments. However, you can't tell me that the results of this poll are way off from what the results would be if the poll was conducted by a more reliable pollster. But what do I know, I'm not Gallup or Rasmussen. I just like seeing things like this because it makes me feel more hopeful.


And finally, some humor to end the day. :)

Reminds me of the commercial I said I would have loved to make.

Found over at Euripides' blog.

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