Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ohio Hate Crime

A black family of 4 and two friends (also black) were confronted by a group of about 50 teenagers, who were all white. One of the teenagers blindsided and assaulted one of the adults and when another adult stepped in to help, the teenagers ganged up on him causing him a concussion and multiple bruises to his head and eye. The group was shouting, "This is our world," and "This is a white world." Al Sharpton and others have come out condemning this racist act of violence.

Okay, so that story is only halfway true. What really happened was a group of black teenagers attacked a white family and two friends. What?? I thought it was the whites who were the bad guys all the time. Right now, the case is NOT being classified as a hate crime. ???? Not really sure why not, because if it was the other way around, it would be.


Anonymous said...

I saw this story last night. Is a steaming pile of prejudice.

Euripides said...

This is exactly why I think hate crime legislation is a load of hooey. Hate crime legislation defies the 14th amendment's right of equal protection to create a right of protected class protection.

conservative generation said...

The idea of a hate crime is ridiculous.

Generally, when one assaults another the motivation is hate.

The Law said...

Ehh, I disagree.

I'm senstive to these kinds of stories as a person of color. If I punch you in the face and you're white, that's assualt. You you're white and you punch me in the face, that is also assault.

Now if I punch a white person in the face and say, F you, you honky white piece of trash, that's a hate crime, because my action was presumably racially motivated.

If a white person punches me in the face and say this is our world, a white world, it is presumably a racially motivated attack.

It *is* as two-way street, but whites often get a really bad rap because of the history of racism in this country.

The key difference is racially motivated attacks are completely based on irrational anger. Beating up someone's friends and fighting back is revenge, which is somewhat rational reaction. Throw in "this is a white world" and now you introduce an irrational anger into what was once a rational retaliation.

Confusing? you bet it is... if you're gonna fight someone of the other race, best to err on the side of caution and keep your mouth shut while you throw your punches...

Obama Nation said...

I'm with Euripides.

EVERY crime is a hate crime! Since when has there been a crime without hate?

Anonymous said...

This is a hate crime.... I have been screaming it from the rafters for so long it isnt funny..... Hate crimes have been on the rise in the past few years. Black on white. But no one will touch this. They are afraid of the Rev's out there and the marching. What about the Duke kids, that was a hate crime, the offender liar was a black woman who accused white boys of raping her when no such thing happened. She played the race card. The list goes on. Someone better get the balls to start prosecuting these has hate crimes, otherwise we are walking bullsyes for these mopes.

Red said...

CRIME is CRIME. That;s like calling Affirmative Action "reverse racism". Ther is no "reverse". There is only RACISM. Po-tay-toe, po- tah-toe...dumb.