Thursday, July 30, 2009

The problem with liberals... that they're on the wrong side of every issue. If you ask a liberal what his position is on Iraq, Iran, Guantanamo, health care, the economy, etc., he will always choose the side that either makes America out to be the bad guy or the side that would damage America/the American image the most. We all know this. They want to see America fail because then they could joyfully exclaim how they predicted our failure. This is why when Rush said he wanted Obama to fail, the Left had a fit. If Obama fails, America wins. If America wins, liberals lose.

As someone who just went through high school and is entering her sophomore year of college, I have seen firsthand what the "future" thinks of America. It's a fad nowadays to say how hypocritical the United States is and how it only does something if it's to our advantage. It was cool to have anti-Bush pins on backpacks and sit outside during 2nd period with signs that say END THE WAR (by the way, where are those people now? We're still in Iraq. Where's the protests demanding our troops come home now?). Hillary Clinton told us that it was patriotic to question any administration. But when I question the Obama Administration, liberals tell me I'm just a neocon who values the "almighty dollar higher than [people's] well-being."

Now, even if the perfect analogy is staring a liberal straight in the face, the liberal in question can't connect the dots. For example, friend #1 is very studious and works hard to get the grades she's earned. Friend #2 spent the first year partying, was put on academic probation, took 4 baby classes second semester, and has around the same GPA as friend #1. Friend #1 was recently complaining how it's not fair that she works harder than friend #2 but still has the same GPA. I just laughed to myself, partly because arguing with friend #1 has gotten me no where in the past few years, and party because my GPA is higher than both of theirs. Anyhow, friend #1 is basically living socialism (she works harder but is given the same reward as the slacker) yet somehow she's still an Obama fan who believes in all things liberal.

Thus, I think it's impossible to change the mind of a liberal. I've tried it before, and believe me, it doesn't work. They try to discredit everything you throw at them. They don't like it when you tell them something that goes against everything they stand for (in fact, they might get so angry they remove you as a friend on Facebook). The only people who can really be shown that liberalism is a disease are people who are on the fence, people who haven't really made up their mind yet. True liberals won't ever change and will praise Obama 'till the day they die. But, silly people who actually thought Obama was who he said he was and who are now experiencing buyer's remorse can change. Let's just hope we can bring them around before it's too late.


AdamS said...

Coming from a reformed lefty myself - it is possible :)

A lot of well-intentioned people believe a socialist/'regulated' economy will prevent what they see as the tyranny of big business. But the big lie about socialism is that it stops big corporations and helps the average person, whereas it often does the opposite, allowing a wealthy few to use government as a means to expand their power and wealth.

I only disagree on the war issue, since historically, continuous warfare/occupations abroad eventually hurt a country at home. (whether that's the Roman Empire, British Empire, the Russians in Afghanistan, etc.)

Obama Nation said...

Haha every rule has its exceptions :)

Left Coast Rebel said...

Great points ON, there is hope for the country with young people like you!

Anonymous said...

Great post and so completely correct.

The Gray Headed Brother said...

Wake me up when your feeling better.

Mickey said...

The scary part seems to be that the liberal crowd seems to be growing. it is nothing more than looting and freeloading off of the system. It is impossible to change their mind because you can't speak their language. If you ask them the answer to 2+2, they will say something like "purple." They think with their emotions and live in a fantasy utopian world. They don't want to understand that they have no right to another person's living.