Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Torture - IT WORKS

Call me an extremist, but I think torture works!

According to the CIA, only three detainees ever have been subjected to water boarding (which, I've heard, is one thing the boys in the Navy have to undergo); those detainees being two top al-Qaeda leaders and another terrorist. When one of the top leaders, Khalid Sheik Mohammad, underwent waterboarding, he revealed that there would be a 9-11 style attack in LA. So thanks to waterboarding, a terrorist attack in LA was thwarted.

I just want to list the other forms of "torture" that was used:
sleep deprivation
dietary limitations
temporary confinement to small spaces

Let's say it was the other way around and it was al Qaeda that had some of our guys, they'd face:
drilling hands
severing limbs
being dragged behind a car
eye removal
blowtorch to the skin
suspension from ceiling and electrocution
not to mention beheading

Two wrongs don't make a right, the liberal says? We look bad to other nations, the liberal says (see: Rosa Brooks, who thinks we were attacked because of our "torture techniques")? I don't think you can equate water boarding (which was used on 3 guys) or small space confinement to any of the terrorists' techniques!
The terrorists can handle a little sleep deprivation and water boarding. ESPECIALLY if it's going to prevent the loss of innocent American lives.


The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

Amen Sister! The report says 183 times, I say, why not make it 185?

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The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

my favorite incredibly heinous torture was the caterpillar torture...

bluepitbull said...

I say we use mind-expanding hallucinogenic drugs on them while playing Moody Blues in the background.

Seriously, I do not think we go far enough. When I was in Iraq, they really stripped us of any helpful interrogation techniques after Abu Garib.

Anonymous said...

I say do whatever needs to be done.we are protecting American lives and cities.

Anonymous said...

Okay your are an extremist, but you are my kind of extremist. The way I look at it, if attaching a car battery to some guys nuts will save American lives, then all I gotta say is, red is positive and black in negative.

Alexandra said...

Totally agree. It is so frustrating to see everyone jump to the conclusion that the things that our government has, very carefully and with much oversight, and in extremely limited conditions, constitute torture. I am sure waterboarding is quite uncomfortable, and who likes to get slapped? But torture?

My toddler subjects me to the "torture" our government has imposed on three really evil terrorists.