Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ABC's "If I Only Had A Gun"

I was watching LOST tonight and a commercial came on for ABC's "If I Only Had A Gun," a report by none other than Diane Sawyer and David Muir, which is to be aired on April 10th. I wasn't surprised at it's anti-gun agenda. A young woman was interviewed who said even if she was armed, she'd probably be on the floor crying during a crisis, or something like that. Then the real kicker is showing very young children playing with guns (toy guns, I would assume). Obviously seeing children playing with guns and shoving them in each other's faces in black and white and in slow motion is disturbing. I have a problem with pretty much everything in the article hyperlinked above. But particularly....

"When it comes to protecting yourself, you may think “if I only had a gun.” But if you had a gun, could you protect yourself in a crisis?"
Actually, if I ever get a gun (which I very well may do), I'll receive proper training and whatever else is necessary, so yes, I would be able to protect myself. And might I mention the story I covered a few weeks ago about the man in a Burger King who shot an armed robber? Yeah. There are plenty of other stories like that one where a concealed weapons carrier saved the day.

"In the two years since Omar Samaha’s sister, Reema, was murdered at Virginia Tech, he has been fighting to close the gun show loophole..."
All I will say is this: if someone on campus (security, a student, whoever) was carrying a firearm, that tragedy may have ended differently.

"It is not uncommon to hear news reports about young people playing with their parent’s guns and accidentally shooting their friends, sometimes killing them. Statistics show that more 18-22 year olds die from accidental shootings than any other age group. Shouldn’t college aged kids know better than to play with a gun?"
A) Parents should keep their guns LOCKED AWAY in a SECURE LOCATION where CHLDREN CANNOT ACCESS THEM. Hiding a firearm on the top shelf of the closet doesn't work, people!
B) I am a college student and can tell you firsthand that COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE IDIOTS (except for me, obviously). Generally, they should not be looked to as role models or as examples of people "smart" enough to know not play with guns.

Basically, I hate Diane Sawyer and those like her whose sole purpose in life is to wreak havoc in the United States by advocating limitations on freedom and promoting the liberal agenda (wait - was that redundant?).


Anonymous said...

You know the MSM is never going to tell the truth, they would be out of a job if they did. Gun Rights is gaining ground thankfully!!!! Keep up the good word and spreading the news.

Anonymous said...

The drive by media and the truth are starngers

conservative generation said...

Statistically when an 18-22 year old dies at all, it's an accident. I wonder if is has anything to do with lack experience with a gun? Like car accidents are lack of experience with a car?

Elm said...

They never look at things from other perspectives. Let's take driving. Is a car dangerous? Yes. Do you have to learn how to handle the car so you won't hurt anyone? Yes. Could a car, if used by a lunatic, hurt someone? Yes. Does this mean we should ban cars? No, of coarse not. Why? Because cars are safe if you know how to use them. Now, just replace the word "car" with "gun".

Anonymous said...

Same old same old..."Oh, you THINK you want this right, but you can't handle it, better let the government handle things for you instead."

Guns are near the top of their agenda because if they can start restricting that right, restricting other freedoms becomes that much easier.

Red said...

I already have parents. That's what the Liberals ne Socialists need to get: We don't need a nanny-state. This is America. "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave" n'est pas?

bluepitbull said...

Another thing that really pisses me off is the commercial the gov runs where kids ask their parents to talk to them about sex. How much money do we spend on that?