Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Left is So Crafty!

They are at the top of their game, I tell you. The liberals are the masters of politicizing what a normal, logical, common sense-utilizing person would view as a completely nonpartisan event. See: swine flu. Yes, it was only a matter of time until a left-wing media outlet blamed none other than the GOP for the what, 8 cases in NYC and a few elsewhere in the US? (Before I saw this story on News Busters, a moron I went to high school with posted as his status on Facebook, "GOP stripped $900 million for pandemic preparedness from stimulus package. Oops." Guess he's not the only one making brilliant observations.)

Anyways, MSNBC's (no, I wasn't shocked it was MSNBC either) Ed Shutlz said, "
Well, here we go again - Republicans are playing politics with our health. This kind of stuff just makes my temperature go up. I'm boiling over this - as many as 150 have been killed by this flu in Mexico. Cases are popping up allover the United States." Boil away, Ed.

"They play politics with the money, they play politics with the stimulus package to the tune of $870 million for pandemic flu that was stripped out." Listen. It was stripped from the $timulus package because it WASN'T GOING TO STIMULATE THE ECONOMY. Hello!?

"'This is just not a health scare, it's a national security situation,' Schultz grimly declared."
Then take it up with your man Janet.


conservative generation said...

O Nation,

Who stripped it out? The real Republicans walked out of stimulus negociations! It was the Democrats themselves that stripped it. The gold medalist is actually Harry Reid.

Left Coast Rebel said...

ON, pathetic, I saw this on Newsbusters as well.

Obama Nation said...

conservative generation

"The real Republicans walked out of stimulus negociations! It was the Democrats themselves that stripped it."
You are so right. I can't believe I missed that!

cfm990 said...

Even if the money was available. what could they have done to prevent this? When it comes to epidemics,it's all reactionary. Plus, whats stopping them from allocating funds now?

conservative generation said...

O Nation,

As you said, "They are so crafty!" They'd have to be to push ideas that abandon common sense.

Anonymous said...

It makes me so mad to hear the libtards spouting this B.S.

RightKlik said...

Let no crisis go to waste.

Anonymous said...

I want someone to prove to me more money would have changed anything- not that it matters that much, for while any death is obviously tragic, in the big picture this whole swine flu thing has been much ado about nothing. Toenail infections kill more people every year than this.

bluepitbull said...

Wait, isn't Ed Schultz the guy on sirius left with that disgusting voice? yeeechhhh!!!