Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Liberal Tolerance Is In An Abundance! (Not.)

Dozens of protesters showed up when former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo was giving a speech against illegal immigration at UNC. "There's no debate, no space for hate," they chanted. Tancredo ended up leaving after a window was broken and clearly couldn't continue. Apparently police used a small amount of pepper spray and shot tazers into the air (no one was tazered). That tells you how bad it was that police had to resort to such means.

It's really sad how indoctrinated people have become thanks to the public school system and colleges and universities. You know, all the liberals preach is tolerance and acceptance, yet they are the biggest offenders. They only like free speech when it's used to promote liberal ideas.

And the anchorwoman in the video said he was there giving a speech against immigration. Uh, hello, he was speaking out against ILLEGAL immigration. Liberal media is at it again...


Anonymous said...

""There's no debate..."

That's the real mind set of most liberals. They are all for listening to opposing points of view...until someone actually comes up with one.
Then it's time to shut 'em down.

conservative generation said...


Their ignorance is only fueling the fire. Luckily, it's the politicians and not the crazy liberals that we want to be heard by.

Anonymous said...

I just threw up my dinner reading this and then watching this on the news. You hit the nail on the head, freedom of speech only refers to Liberals.