Thursday, April 2, 2009

Afghan Law Legalizes Rape

After 7 years of making strides in the fight for women's rights in Afghanistan, a new law (reports conflict over whether it has been passed or is still in consideration) may basically allow women to be raped by their husbands. It would apply to the country's Shia minority and would make it illegal for a woman to refuse her husband and would forbid her from leaving the home without her husband's permission.

It is appalling that a law like this is even considered today. But that's Islam for you.


Anonymous said...

That's only part of the package if Sharia law comes to a town near you. All of the libs that express their tolerance of these people must be ignorant of Sharia law.

Anything that offends God (loose interpretation by some scholars) can be punishable by death. Don't be snowed by books trying to dispel that fact, it's true. Homosexuality, atheists, and women foolish enough to piss off a Muslim man (so feminism right out the window).

Anonymous said...

Great topic.

The threat of Sharia law is real and spreading. It is infiltrating western cultures and hiding behind the smokescreen of 'discrimination' whenever someone tries to point out the inherent dangers.