Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saddened by Today's Youth

Kids these days...except for me and a few others.

My philosophy class had a paper due today and the professor just asked each of us to say what our topic and thesis were, and then briefly elaborate (is that an oxymoron?). I'd say about half the class picked moral issues for their papers: abortion, death penalty, stem cell research, euthanasia. I died a little inside when 4 out of the 6 who did abortion said they were pro-choice. But then one of the pro-lifers said abortion was acceptable in cases of rape (even though she totally contradicted herself by saying first that the fetus was a human and deserves rights....so a child whose father was a rapist isn't a human and doesn't deserve rights? I can't see the logic there...). 3 out of the 4 who did euthanasia were for it. One guy did stem cell research and was for it, but I shot him down and educated the class by telling them that embryonic stem cells have cured nothing but there are over 60 cures from adult stem cells. (And then my boyfriend chimed in that they need government funding because private investors don't want to invest in a lost cause.) At least the few who did the death penalty were for it because they recognize justice needs to be served (and judgment should be left up to God).

It's just sad that life has been devalued so much that people think it's okay to kill an innocent, unborn child just because it's "unwanted," or to kill a person who's chronically ill. Actually, the euthanasia thing is really cloudy for me...I haven't made up my mind completely on that one. But basically, life has been devalued and it's really, really sad. =(


Southern Drawl said...

Yes, it is very sad. We can only pray that in time our nation will wake up. As a nurse in labor and delivery and as one who watched her mother battle cancer for 15 years, I can say with out a doubt, life is precious and worth fighting for. Stay strong.

conservative generation said...

Embryonic stem cell research is a waste. They've found that they can't stop the cells from turning into cancer, which is why adult stem cells are better.

I've always disagreed with euthanasia, because to agree to do so you need to assume that cures are not possible. Medicine is progressing every day and with that the possibility that anyone's grim medical situation may be reversed.

Abortion is horrific. In my opinion, no one yet knows nor can prove when life begins. Therefore, we should be conservative and not accept abortion least we find out down the road that we are murderers.

Obama Nation said...

The thing about the cells turning in to cancer, I keep feeling like that's God saying, "Don't do this."

Left Coast Rebel said...

Our nation is in a clear devaluation of human life process. It was no different for me when I was your age as well. Young people tend to be more liberal, especially on moral issues as the road more travelled is where their cognitive abilities lead them. Thanks for speaking up on here and in class!