Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tea Parties Face [Expected] Liberal Criticism

On MSNBC's April 10th "Countdown," fill-in host David Shuster tried to dissuade Americans from attending the April 15th tea parties by giving a "juvenile and overdone" description of the event. The problem is that the true meaning behind the tea parties seemed to allude Shuster. The idea that Americans are upset that the government is stepping in and using their tax dollars to rescue the irresponsible (aka, the neighbor who bought the house he couldn't afford), seems to be impossible for liberals to contemplate. And a guest on the show said that the tea party movement came from the top down (but couldn't name a single organization responsible for the organization of any tea parties). The tea parties are by Americans, for Americans. And that's that. I'm going to one in NYC and I'm so, so exicted! Anyone else?

And a very big thank you! to Rick Santelli for inspiring nationwide patriotic sentiment and motivating people to DO something about it.

And I hope everyone had a very happy and blessed Easter. :)


bluepitbull said...

Perhaps scheister can afford the taxes that are sure to come down the road.

I, however, will be at the San Antonio Tea Party.

Angry Tax Payer said...

I say the hell with liberal media. They are bunch of dishonest people. I'm going to the Tea Party at Seattle with my husbands and few other friends. We are all excited!

Angry Tax Payer said...

Sorry, correction. I'm going to the Tea Party at Seattle with my "husband". Not "husbands". *blush*

Anonymous said...

The drive by media never get any thing right.