Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New $timulus Package?!

Now, I know the gas crisis isn't really an issue for the time being, but the message of this cartoon is the same: we're going to end up taxing our way out of this mess because he has no fiscal responsibility (which makes me wonder how he gave a speech on fiscal responsibility?)

I heard a little while ago that the Democrats were talking about not one, but TWO more $timulus packages. So today I read on Yahoo Finance that they have proposed a $410 BILLION spending bill, full of little pet projects. According to polls, the public doesn't like when politicians spend its money on these projects, but hey, what do the politicians care? Not like they're supposed to be representing the people who elected them or anything.

In Houston, officials have proposed the "Credit Score Enhancement Program," which will give "up to $3,000 grants to individuals who are trying to qualify for mortgages through the city's homebuyers assistance program. City officials say some applicants fall short of eligibility by only 10 or 20 points on their credit scores, and paying off some debt balances can quickly improve their numbers." 
WHAT?! Okay, think about the logic here. Clearly these people fell behind on payments. If you give them money to bump up their credit score and they buy a home, who's to say that they won't fall behind on those payments as well?! In fact, they most likely WILL fall behind on those payments and then be thrown out onto the street (but good thing ACORN believes they have a "right" to a home!). How about they EARN a good credit score like everyone else? And what about a nice grant for the people who have been ON TIME with their mortgage payments? Oh, that's right - we're supposed to take their hard-earned money and give it to the people who bought homes they couldn't afford. Sorry, I forgot. 

An assemblyman from San Franciso has proposed taxing pot - finally! (For the record: I do not smoke marijuana.) If this ever came to pass, California would become the first state to regulate and tax marijuana the same as alcohol. I have been suggesting this for a LONG time. If pot is legalized, prisons would be freed up of inmates charged with possession; it can be taxed as heavily or even more than cigarettes (yayyyy money for the state!); the weed black market is eliminated and there's one less thing for people to kill each other over; it might be safer (ha) than weed purchased from a dealer cause if you buy from the state, you know it's not laced with anything; it can be regulated and no sales to anyone under 21; so many other reasons to do this.
Opponents say: more p
roblems with drug dependent adults; heavier teen use; increase in driving while high. Driving high would be punishable the same as driving drunk; you cannot be addicted to marijauana so I don't know where that one came from; and plenty of teens smoke it already! In fact, if it's legalized, it'd be just as hard for them to get it as alcohol (which, I suppose, is somewhat easy since you hear about high school/college parties all the time; but you can't completely stop that). If teens want to screw with their lives, who cares? They've all heard the dangers of alcohol/cigarettes/weed. If they're stupid enough to do these things and/or do them in excess, well, I guess it's survival of the fittest. 
According to the article, "California's pot crop is a $14-billion industry...If so, that could mean upward of $1 billion in tax revenue for the state each year." Just one more reason to legalize!

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