Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am seriously worried...

...about my future.

As a college freshman, I should have a lot to look forward to, right? In three years, I could be starting what I hope would be a finacially rewarding career; or, I could be paying massive amounts of taxes to a goverment that decided to spend over a trillion dollars on a stimulus plan that really is not going to stimulate the economy. (I don't care what you say: $1.2 billion dollars for NASA will not stimulate the economy. But I guess it's too late now - it's already been signed. And apparently there are two more stimulus bills in the works. Fabulous.) What bothers me the most is that a lot of my friends who are in college and are going into college are Probama. It seems to me that they're not looking at the long term effects. Do they think it's going to be fair if, after they spend thousands of dollars to earn a degree which will enable them to get a job, the government says, "Hey, we're gonna take some of your money and give it to the guy who didn't go to college." (And don't start with that "What if he couldn't afford to go to college?" crap.) To put it in simpler terms, you get a 100 on your last test and the kid next to you only got a 60. Your professor says, "Hey, I'm going to take 20 of your points and give it to the other guy so you're both equal." Obviously you'd have a problem with that, and don't try and tell me you wouldn't.

What else bothers me is that no one questions Obama's (and Congress') actions which are blatantly unconstitutional. Handing out billions of dollars to failing auto industries is an abuse of power, as well as handing out billions for irrelevant programs (and just handing out money in general).

I was hoping that maybe in two years, Republicans would be voted back into Congress and the Democrat mess would be cleaned up. Looks like that may not be the case. The Obama administration moved the responsibility of the 2010 Census from the Department of Commerce directly to the White House. According to Rep. Darryl Issa (R-Calif.), "By no means is there any basis, any legal or Constitutional basis for the President to direct the Census." So where is the uproar? And what does this mean? It means, folks, that the Democrats can redistrict to their advantage. According to Rahm Emanuel, Obama's Chief of Staff, "If you think redistricting is always partisan and political which it's going to be on steroids this time." WHAT? Is anyone else hearing this? If the Republicans ever pulled a stunt like this, Corey Dwyer and others like him would be ALL over it.

Among other news, the NY Post had to apologize for the dead chimp cartoon. Here's the background information: in Connecticuit, a 200 pound chimpanzee mauled a woman and was shot dead. The cartoon shows the dead chimp with the caption reading, "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill." Clearly it is a political attack on Obama, but I think that by NO MEANS does it imply the he should be shot. I mean, come on. One woman apparently ripped up a copy of the Post and said, "How dare you violate the president of the United States?" How? With my freedom of speech, that's how. I'm not an expert, but I don't think that woman had a problem with any of the cartoons portraying George W. Bush as a monkey. Every president has been left for derision. This isn't anything new.

I think this is enough for one night.


Anonymous said...

You are on track to make a difference. Your major would not happen to be political science would it? Does not matter. You are thinking and that is a step in the Right direction. Things are upside-down for now. You are in the majority which is not going to remain silent any more.

Anonymous said...

If people are making the chimp/Obama connection, that's their problem: they see what they want when they read. Obama didn't craft any legislation: Congress did. So, the chimps (without showing the White House in the background) have to be at another part of Penn Avenue.