Monday, June 1, 2009

GM FINALLY files for Chapter 11.

It's official! General Motors is now Government Motors.

Lucky for us, the world did not end when GM filed for Chapter 11 today. Apparently "too big to fail" has no more meaning.

I'm so happy that $20 billion went to waste and another $30 is going to be poured in.

TPTB should have let it fail and saved the taxpayers. But who cares about the taxpayers?

This means GM will be making the cars Obama wants it to make. I will NEVER, EVER buy a GM car. I actually just did my patriotic duty by buying a Ford (thanks, Mom!).

Anyways, this is going to create conflict in Washington. Senators and representatives will be fighting to keep the factories and dealerships in their areas open.

That's really all I have to say. We've all been saying it all for six months.


ladydi said...

we have been in business for 64 years. my husband has always insisted on purchasing vehicles made in American, even when we knew union members were buy foreign made. Now the cry is Buy American. Please. i will not be buying a car in the near future and it will not be one made by the government!

Left Coast Rebel said...

Did you hear Obama's collectivist speech today? You are right that no one even seems to care about the taxpayers but I sure am mad as hell, read my latest post and leave your feedback BTW!

AdamS said...

The companies are supposedly too big to fail, but government is too big to succeed! :)

Southern Drawl said...

This can not be good. Government can't run government much less a car company or the banks...