Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's Bill O'Reilly's Fault!!

This isn't new.

Bill O'Reilly is being blamed for Dr. George Tiller's murder. We heard this kind of bull after the shootings in Binghamton and elsewhere; that time, it was Glenn Beck's fault. Maybe I'm crazy, but when I hear about a murder, the first thing I do is think to blame the actual killer.

The Left has legitimately lost it. They just can't handle the excitement of a black president, a white vice president, and a Hispanic nominee for SC Justice (which is a stunning picture of diversity, I might add). Okay, all kidding aside, what I think is going on here is that the Left has developed such empathy for criminals that they are unable to blame the criminals themselves for their actions. The blame is always shifted from the criminal to whoever can be held responsible for "inciting" the criminal to commit a crime. In the Binghamton shooting, right-wing second amendment defenders were blamed for Jiverly Voong's rampage. The Bush Administration is being blamed for rising numbers of jihad recruits. Gang members and drug dealers are given a pass because they grew up in a poor environment. In the case of Dr. Tiller's death, Bill O'Reilly is being blamed for somehow inciting the gunman to kill Tiller.

The shifting blame game is going to become increasingly popular.


USA_Admiral said...

I was really hoping the blame game was over. It appears to be in overdrive.

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

The first thing you have to dois BLAME the GUN
Then you have to BLAME anyone that is CONSERVATIVE and exposed an evil person for what he is
Then you BLAME SOCIETY for making the Killer that way
Then you EXPLAIN the KILLER was a VICTIM/ only if he is not a CONSERVATIVE. If he is conservative he is just CRAZY/REDNEKC and STOOPID.

Anonymous said...

Typical of the left:

1. Kill a late-term abortionist and the rush is on to spread the blame to everyone who has ever uttered a word against abortion on demand.

2. Kill a US Army recruiter in the name of Islam and the connection gets buried by the mainstream press.

Southern Drawl said...

I do not even watch any news but Fox anymore. It's too disgusting. Everyone in our sick society gets a pass except conservatives. We, law abiding tax paying citizens, are crazy right wing extremists! Kook hit the nail on the head!