Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So Much for Assimilation

When my mother's grandparents came to America from Poland, they couldn't have been happier to see the Polish Supermarket, road signs in Polish, and Americans who learned Polish in order to better communicate with them. Oh - wait. That didn't happen. My great-grandparents had to learn English and start brand new lives for themselves without the help of the U.S. government, along with the millions of other immigrants who came to America...legally.

Today, the first Supermercado de Wal*Mart opened in Phoenix in order to cater to the Spanish community, rather than the Spanish community learning to adapt to living in America. There have been times when I've picked up a product in a store and had to actually LOOK for the English.

In no way am I anti-immigration. I am, however, a strong opponent of illegal immigration, benefits for illegals, and adapting to immigrants (illegal and legal) rather than them adapting to us. This whole "let's build a store solely for one community" thing is a step in the wrong direction. Sure, it's great for Wal*Mart (hello profits), but is is great for our country as a whole? Things are being made way too easy for people. Why should a Mexican immigrant learn English when everything is available in his native language? (Para Espanol, oprima el 2.)

The opposition against assimilation has proven to be a problem for Europe and will prove a problem for us as well.

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