Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama proves once again that it's not about experience...'s about rewarding his cronies.

Louis Susman, a 71-year-old retired Citigroup Inc. senior investment banker, helped raise between 200,000 and 500,000 dollars for Obama's campaign, and another 300,000 for his inauguration. Mr. Susman has just been nominated to be the US ambassador to to the United Kingdom.

Look, I understand this isn't the first guy to be nominated for a position simply because he donated or raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. But here we are again witnessing that Obama's mantra of "change" is just an empty one. And the Obamazombies are still foaming at the mouth with excitement, ignoring every blatant sign that their Great Leader is a straw man.

I'm sure as long as Mr. Susman does whatever he can to insult the British, he'll do a fantastic job.


Anonymous said...

Money talks I guess. And it says give me a job.

Devrim said...

He told you, CHANGE you can believe in. I can believe $200.000 of change.