Monday, August 3, 2009

Cost Effectiveness will mean Death

Look, there's a reason people should be against euthanasia. And this is it.

Oregon passed the Death with Dignity Act in 1997. Now the state of Oregon is using that act to its advantage by essentially forcing terminally ill patients to choose a so-called death with dignity. Why don't the liberals think this could happen with a federal plan??

I don't understand why liberals think that a government plan will really be for them or would be in their best interest. Because it won't be. The state will be guilty of the exact thing it's pointing fingers at insurance companies for. But instead of "making money" off of people's pain, the state will be trying to save money off of people's pain.


LSP said...

State driven euthanasia? Where have we heard that before... surely not... Nazi Germany!

They really need to not be in government.

Great site.


Obama Nation said...

"They really need to not be in government."

Seriously. But idiots keep voting them back in...

And thank you!

LSP said...

I know - the turkey's vote for christmas.