Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letterman is pathetic, "Burqini" banned, Town Halls Organized - Oh no!

I saw a commercial for his show tonight and one segment is: top 10 messages on Sarah Palin's answering machine.

This guy needs to get some new material.

It's never a good sign when a so-called comedian regurgitates the same old over and over again.


A French convert to Islam was told she could not swim at a pool in Paris while wearing a "burqini," a swim suit that covers most of the body. She plans on taking this issue to the courts, which will prove to be another test for France in its determination to remain completely secular. The woman said that if she loses this battle, she cannot rule out leaving France.

Why should France make special exceptions for anyone? If the rule is that you cannot enter a swimming pool fully clothed, then that's the rule. There shouldn't be an asterisk that excludes women in "burqinis" from that rule.


I keep hearing about how the town hall meetings are being populated by eeeevil organized groups. It's just like the tea parties -- you HAVE to organize. You want to make sure that a large number of people are going to show up in order to make a statement. That doesn't mean, however, that there's the conservative equivalent of ACORN making calls saying, "Show up, we'll pay you, bring hand-painted signs." Now, Arlen Specter is saying that the protests are not "representative of America." Really? But somehow, Cindy Sheehan and her group of what, 5? were representative of America? It's sad how hard the Democrats are trying to shut down everyone who is opposing them.


LL said...

France would be better with one less Muslim woman. I say, Go back to the paradise that is Iran or what ever rock you crawled out from under.

As to the town hall meetings:

One group is staged, hand picked and is meaningless.

The other represents Americans with concerns.

We all know which is which. You simply have to look for the ObamaHired union thugs beating up old people and cripples to know which ones aren't sanctioned by the Messiah and his state-run media.

therealbobthought said...

well hell our town hall meetins couldn't fill up the parkin lot at a dollar store, most people here, i guess would be them, "eeeevil organized group", type.
Hell, we all eat bbq and such, gets ugly here.