Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fort Hood Shooter vs. Tiller's Shooter

Instead of mourning the deaths of the thirteen innocent people killed at Fort Hood, the left-wing media is lamenting the fact that the gunman is a Muslim (a slight change from ignoring the fact which they did at first).

NPR's Nina Totenberg said, "It really is tragic that he was a Muslim."

Newsweek's Evan Thomas said, "I cringe that he's a Muslim. I mean, because it inflames all the fears. I think he's probably just a nut case. But with that label attached to him, it will get the right wing going and it just -- I mean these things are tragic, but that makes it much worse."

So basically what they're telling us is that we can't let one bad apple influence the way we view all members of a culture; but only so long as that culture isn't affiliated with conservatism or the right-wing.

Now, we all remember when Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed by an extremist "pro-life" activist (pro-life is in quotes because obviously someone who goes around shooting people isn't exactly pro-life). The left-wing media constantly affiliated the shooter to the rest of the pro-lifers, assuming that we're all crazy and need to be watched out for.

"Jill Filipovic, of the '' also tried to link Dr. Tiller's death to terrorism. 'Not surprisingly, his killer is strongly suspected to be affiliated with the 'pro-life' movement. If that's the case, it makes Tiller the 10th person in the United States to be murdered by anti-choice terrorists.'" (NewsBusters)

How about this, Jill: Not surprisingly, Major Hasan is affiliated with the Muslim faith. Since that's the case, it makes him the 2oth person in the United States to murder Americans (and 20 is just including the 9-11 hijackers...not to mention the 1993 bombing and every other instance where it was Muslims killing "infidels" for the sake of Allah).

Now I'm not saying that Hasan's reasons for going on a killing spree were the same as the 9-11 hijackers'. But if the media can relate all pro-lifers to the crazy ones, then I can relate all Muslims to the crazy ones.


Teresa said...

The people in the MSM need to stop feeling sorry that Hasan was Muslim and start feeling sorrow and outrage at the fact he killed and wounded so many soldiers. Hasan was a Muslim and may have committed these horrible acts for the very same, or similar reasons that the 9/11 hijackers did. There seems to be a pattern with Muslims being terrorists, so I say to the MSM, tell the reality, instead of covering it up.

psi bond said...

Where do we draw the line? You can start with the Liberal PC crowd.
So Jihadist Islam strikes again – and the sycophantic media and the liberal hand-wringers on the blogs are desperately busy trying to convince as many Americans as possible that the slaughter that occurred yesterday at Fort Hood Texas was ANYTHING but a Jihad terror zealot fulfilling his obligation to Islam.

We’ll hear about how this “alleged gunman” was picked on for his Islamic faith; how he was so distraught over our unjust war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Watch the media make this guy the poster child. We’ll hear that it was Bush’s fault or even Glenn Beck’s fault. As everything seems to be if you listen to those bleeding heart asswipes leftist bloggers.

Well let me tell you this! Hasan isn’t the sole guilty party. The US Army’s unforgivable political correctness is also to blame for the casualties at Fort Hood. Kissing the ass of these lefties and allowing Obama to get away with all the shit he is throwing at us is a major part of the problem.

Given the myriad warning signs, it’s appalling that no action was taken against a man apparently known to praise suicide bombers and openly damn US policy. But no officer in his chain of command, either at Walter Reed Army Medical Center or at Fort Hood, had the guts to take meaningful action against a dysfunctional soldier and an incompetent doctor.

Had Hasan been a Lutheran or a Methodist, he would’ve been gone with the simoom. But officers fear charges of discrimination when faced with misconduct among protected minorities.

Now 12 soldiers and a security guard lie dead. At least 38 people were wounded, 28 of them seriously. If heads don’t roll in this maggot’s chain of command, the Army will have shamed itself beyond moral redemption.

There’s another important issue, too. How could the Army allow an obviously incompetent and dysfunctional psychiatrist to treat our troubled soldiers returning from war? An Islamic wacko is counseled for arguing with veterans who’ve been assigned to his care? And he’s not removed from duty? What planet does the Army live on?
Get ready for the apologists, get ready to hear that Shaw Kenawe, TAO, TRUTH101 and that little fink of a lapdog Arthur-Stones saying things like "he was misunderstood, or that he was provoked by bullies.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Well put! Miss seeing you over at LCR....

Lone Wolf said...

There are a lot of "oddities" in this case.

For instance, why were Rick Perry and Ft. Hood authorities initially reporting there were "3 shooters" and "multiple shooters", with 1 shooter killed and two apprehended?

Obama Nation said...

Teresa and psi, very well said.

And thanks, LCR. I've been missing the whole blogging thing.

Lone Wolf, it looks as if there was confusion in the beginning which has cleared up by now. I think it's been concluded that Hasan acted alone. Perhaps they said multiple shooters because of the hero that shot Hasan four times?