Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Beginning of Rationed Care?

The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force is suggesting that women in their 40s not get mammograms for early detection of breast cancer. It found that mammograms for women in their 40s do save lives - just not enough for the practice to be considered "routine." (Note: the task force is made up of 16 "health care experts," none of whom are oncologists.)

This new recommendation has people worried that insurance companies will drop mammogram coverage, thus discouraging women to not have the test done.

I can hear it now: "The evil insurance companies wouldn't cover mammograms. Then women found out they had breast cancer and ended up with thousands in medical debt with an insurance company unwilling to help..."

All I could think when I was watching a segment on the news about this was, "Is this what nationalized health care looks like?" A government panel with unqualified (for this topic, at least) members is preaching from its high horse that women should think before getting mammograms. If we have nationalized health care, the preaching will turn into mandating.


Fredd said...

Ominous start to all of this, for sure. 'Let the rationing begin.' First it is mamograms, then colonoscopys, then shucks, NO TESTS FOR ANYTHING.

These lousy tests cost too much, you people! Can't you all just die and do your civic duty to keep our costs in line? Have some civic pride, for Christ's sake!

Anonymous said...

If lightning strikes my house I call the fire department. They don't bill me and I don't have to shop around in order to contain costs.

If my home is burglarized I call the police. They don't bill me and again, I don't have to shop around for the best police protection.

When leukemia attacks my child's body, I have to spend endless hours arguing with insurance adjusters who simply want to outlast me so they can "contain costs."

Human life means nothing in America when there are profits to be made.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Obama care.
We need to keep fighting this.

Anonymous said...

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